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How to listen to the health of your soul

Dallas Willard says, “Once we clearly acknowledge the soul, we can learn to hear its cries.”

What has your soul been crying for lately? Have you heard its cries?

Most of us don’t sense our soul’s cries. We’re busy with the more tangible elements of life, and our soul’s cries get ignored. Or our soul’s cries are too painful, and we avoid them entirely.

The voice of our soul can be difficult to hear because it generally comes out in symptoms, rather than direct messages. Wouldn’t it be simpler if your soul spoke to you directly, like “Hey, I’m hurting here. Please pay attention to me and meet my needs today.” Instead, our soul speaks to us indirectly through our emotions, our choices, our thoughts, our bodies. In order to listen to our soul, we must learn to hear its voice.

One helpful way to learn to listen to your soul is by asking these questions:

???? When my soul is neglected, what tends to happen? When my soul is needing something, what tends to emerge in my feelings, choices, thoughts, body, and relationships?

???? When my soul is healthy, what flows out of me? When I am deeply aware of my connection with Divine and living out my identity as Beloved, what emerges from me through my feelings, thoughts, and actions?

Spend some time reflecting and journaling about these two questions. Then, invite the Divine to meet the needs of your soul today, right now.


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