She Is Blooming: Poem For The Inner Feminine

She is blooming, fertilized by a rich inner world of self discovery

She is inviting, inspired by the Divine to be a beacon of light for herself and others

She is discerning, guided to hold boundaries with love and take space when needed

She is beautifying, attuned to the exquisite possibilities around her

She is serving, called by love to share her heart and soul gifts with others

She is holding, created from a container space inside to bake on what needs to be felt

She is expanding, integrated with her multidimensional, cosmic self and star seed origins

She is arising, drawn to embody her authentic and vulnerable expression

She is BEing, energized beyond busy mind to experience life from stillness

She is the inner feminine (for both women and men)….feeling her with open heart, open mind, open soul invites her forward to play, to dance, and to LOVE….more and more, to BEcome

By Jelelle Awen


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