Top 10 Reasons to Visit Soul Care

10. We’re local!

So many places in east-central Illinois that offer opportunities for spiritual development require a long drive, a substantial time commitment, or are only available to people who belong to a church or subscribe to a certain belief system. The people I know don’t have the time or resources for that, but they still have a deep yearning to connect and learn and nourish their inner selves. I have talked with so many people who feel unfulfilled—they are burned out, they don’t have the relationships they want, they don’t have a sense of purpose or connection with themselves or the world, they feel hopeless or numb. They have doubts, questions, concerns, problems, but don’t feel they have a place to go or people to support them.

Soul Care in the heart of Urbana is right in your backyard—easy to access and flexible to fit your life. We are open every day but Monday with hours that fit into your schedule.

9. Nurture your soul!

We believe that to have a life of meaning; a life that is sustainable; a life that is worthy of being lived — care is required. All of us want to feel like there is a greater purpose for our life. We all need downtime and stillness to listen to that quiet voice of God/the Universe/Divine/or our own intuition. But sometimes we feel a bit burned-out…tired…alone…with lots of questions and few answers. So we need to learn how to lean into our spiritual side so we can be the best people we can be. Soul Care Urban Retreat Center helps you get that care and practice spiritual wellness in your daily life. We are dedicated to providing a variety of mindfully-designed experiences to help you connect with self, others,
and the Divine. Classes and workshops, personal and group retreats, appointment-based services for mind/body/spirit wellness (massage, spiritual direction, coaching, reiki, etc.), space for stillness, and memberships are linking a supportive community offered. Area groups and businesses can also rent space for private events, workshops, and retreats. This is all done in a relaxed, serene setting.

8. We meet you where you are

Soul Care is created to be a safe, inclusive space for everyone, regardless of belief. Many people coming to Soul Care are just beginning to explore their spirituality. Programs offer the opportunity for spiritual exploration without fear, without judgment, without “strings attached.” Soul Care invites individuals to come together with others to nourish and sustain their daily lives as well as their spiritual lives, no matter where they are in their journeys. We look beyond our differences to our common humanness and our vital, often unrecognized, desire to connect with God or something bigger than ourselves.

7. Our values

At Soul Care, we value the following — discovery, transformation, hospitality, acceptance, community, and partnerships. You will see these across all aspects of Soul Care, from what programs we plan to how we arrange our space. These are our guiding lights, and we strive to uphold them in all that we say and do.

6. Book our unique space

Our serene space provides a unique and affordable place to host a team meeting, small group gathering, or purposeful retreat. We have flexible classroom space, cozy seating and eating areas, free parking, and accessible entrance, even an outdoor patio. Everything you need to accommodate groups from 5 to 40.

5. It’s like a co-working space for spiritual wellness and self-care

Check out our calendar to see all the amazing opportunities offered each month at Soul Care. Learn a new spiritual practice. Engage in meaningful discussion. Read a book. Reserve a Quiet Pod to journal, color, pray, or nap. Come for a mini-retreat. Or gather a group of people you care about for a half-day or full-day guided retreat. You can even reserve our space for a team meeting or group event.

We offer programs and workshops on fresh ways you can live out spirituality; discussion groups and meet-ups; yoga and meditation classes; services like massage, life coaching, reiki, and spiritual direction; personal or small group retreats; Quiet Pods; and much more!

2020 will be a GREAT year for all of us at Soul Care!!! Tag a friend, SHARE our posts, bring someone with you to a program or a retreat, or do something completely by yourself…for yourself! Pop in to check out the space and relax with a cup of tea. Sign up for the weekly email to receive notices, updates on events, and special offers. Join the Kindred Souls membership community. But most of all, we welcome you to our calm and relaxing space and look forward to meeting you and seeing you often. ❤

4. Built on the power of partnerships

Partnerships play an important part in the model and mission of Soul Care. We want to connect with talented people who are passionate about wellness, spirituality/religion, personal development, or holistic practices who can provide services and education to our growing community centered on self-care and spiritual wellness. Partners bring a variety of perspectives that help people approach spiritual wellness and self-care with fresh eyes. Partners teach on-going classes, lead workshops and programs, provide individual services, sell products on-site, and much more!

Partners serve in many of these roles at Soul Care: massage therapist, reiki or energy practitioner; life or health coaches; holistic medicine; spiritual directors; instructors for yoga, meditation, or mindfulness; retreat leader; art, writing, journaling or creativity enthusiasts; prayer or retreat leaders; and personal development/growth experts.

3. Find your quiet place

You can feel it the moment you walk in our space. We invite you to slow down and rest. It’s quiet, so you can listen to the still, small voice of the Divine and your own inner self.

We all need a quiet place to disconnect. Where we can hear ourselves think a little clearer and get in touch with yourself and God. Soul Care offers Quiet Pods – a cozy little spot with a comfy couch, soft lighting, and a privacy curtain. For just $10/hour, you can reserve a Quiet Pod where you can journal, pray, meditate, color, read, or even nap. Don’t know what to do with some downtime? Sit with a warm cup of tea and use our journal prompts, books, coloring pages, guided meditations, and more. Perfect for before/after work, during your lunch hour, on your day off, or between appointments. Find your quiet place at Soul Care…an oasis for stillness, rest, and spiritual rejuvenation.

Visit Soul Care to rest and find some quiet, nurture meaningful relationships, and learn about what it means to bring spiritual wellness and self-care into your everyday life. Briefly retreat into our calming space to care for your soul so you can stay centered on your spiritual journey and align with your intentions for living life.

2. Connecting Kindred Souls

Sometimes we feel isolated and lonely on our spiritual journey. Especially if the community we were once a part of has grown cold or distant. Sometimes we’re looking for others who are like us. We want people we feel comfortable sharing things with; people who provide a supportive, local community for us. Sometimes we’re just looking for someone to relate to, someone who understands us and where we’re coming from. But you’re not alone. We’re creating a very special community at Soul Care. The Kindred Souls membership group connects people who share passions and energy to grow, learn, and support one another on our spiritual journeys. There are three membership levels to choose from – Care, Connect and Contribute. All offer discounts, a one-of-a-kind journal, and members-only events and private Facebook Group. Join for as little as $10/month. Purchase a membership for a full year and get 2 months FREE!

1. All are welcome here

We believe that there’s a mutual desire within us all to discover a deeper spiritual reality; to discover our authentic selves in a world which sometimes boxes us in; to discover a supportive and nurturing community where you are embraced just as you are and just where you are. We invite people of all identities, genders, ages, life experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds into the Soul Care community while striving to honor each person’s uniqueness and where they are on their personal spiritual journey. Welcome from wherever your life has brought you, from wherever you currently find yourself, or on your way to wherever you see your journey taking you.


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