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Laughter's Healing Power Is No Joke

Debra Joy Hart enjoys sharing her knowledge of humor to help people deal with grief and transition. She believes in the power of laughter, and the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits it can have. Her years as a nurse have guided her and assisted her in understanding her role in the world and assisting others in finding joy. Deb has many lovely qualities and skills, but she focuses her time and energy on speaking, energy art readings, officiating weddings, and spiritual and grieving assistance.

energy art reading

Deb describes what happens during an Energy Art Reading in this video.

Listen to Humor, Grace & Grief with Debra Joy Hart on the Everything Is Spiritual podcast.


  • Book an Energy Art Reading in person at Soul Care, on Zoom, or by phone.
  • One-on-one Spiritual Grief Support. Email to set a free initial consultation.
  • Officiate your wedding. Learn more on Deb's website.

She is a certified Hodges Institute A+ method™ Grief Coach. Her mission is to help others navigate grief with grace and humor. Most importantly, she assists people in remembering who they are on an emotional and spiritual level as they reconnect and integrate after a loss.

Additional certifications include:

  • Certified Thanatologist (death education, grief, and bereavement)
  • Certified Humor Professional
  • Certified Joyologist
  • Certified Laughter Leader-Expert Level

She is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH).

Deb has worked as a clown for more than 25 years. She is unquestionably a vibrant, creative, and forward-thinking thinker. Grandma D’s Bubbles: A Lesson in Life and Loss is her first book. She is a long-time artist and the creator of the Sacred Shadows line of photograph cards. Deb is a minister and Spiritual Administrator at Unity Church and Spiritual Center in Urbana, Illinois, where she is active in her community.

She and her husband, Darrell, live in Saint Joseph, Illinois, with their cat Oscar. She enjoys eating dark chocolate, sipping coffee, and cooking vegetables. Most of all she loves being a bubbe (Yiddish for grandmother/old woman).

Speaking, Spiritual & Grief Support, Energy Art Readings, Wedding Officiant


"When I did my reading with Debra Joy, I had no idea what to expect! But she immediately put my mind at ease! Her words were true and startled me a bit! But she was exactly right! My second reading was just as good. I had gone through some changes in my life, and her reading reflected that as well. I would not hesitate to do another reading with her. Worth it!"

"Have you ever wished that the universe would provide you guideposts along the way?  I have, and Deb’s readings provide me with that.  Deb’s readings have often confirmed that I was doing the changes required to get where I wanted to in life. She offers me unbiased insight. I leave my reading with a sense of direction or innovative ideas."

"I have had 3 readings with Debra Joy Hart. Each one was not only very interesting but spot-on with what was going on in my life at the time. They were done a year or so apart, and my life had changed greatly from the first reading to the last, yet she picked up on everything! All from picking colored pencils! Debra Joy has a gift, like none other! Not only is she extremely sweet, caring, and professional, but her gift is also simply amazing! I can not wait to get another reading from her! Always eye-opening, and comforting. A true joy!"

3P Resilience Process

Through Debra's practice of supporting people through times of grief and transition with grace and humor, she has put together the 3P Resilience Process.

  1. The first P: Do you give yourself permission? Do you give yourself permission to feel your feelings? Do you give yourself permission to laugh out loud and comfort yourself?
  2. The second P: Do you give yourself a chance to be open to perspective and look at your loss just a little bit differently?
  3. The third P: Can you give yourself the power to visualize forward or visualize memories?

You can check out her TEDx talk where she explains the process more completely.

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