woman seated crossleg outside with hands in the air in yoga posture Soul Care Partner Member Kelly Mathews

Kelly is a kundalini yoga and meditation instructor who is passionate about helping people cultivate a deeper connection with themselves, others, and the world around them.

She began sharing this powerful physical and energetic practice in 2020 and has already taught 150+ classes.

After growing up in northern Illinois, completing a degree in marketing at UIUC, and then living in Chicago for 7 years–she has returned to the Champaign-Urbana area.

Kelly’s journey of healing and spiritual exploration came from what felt like hitting rock bottom. She was living with chronic digestive issues, cystic acne, and anxiety for several years. Her sense of self felt fragile, and she watched problematic relationship patterns play out again and again.

Out of this darkness came inspired action! She found a vinyasa yoga practice, started cleaning up her diet and sought out psychotherapy. Outside of her daily office job, she listened to countless podcasts and audiobooks on personal growth, natural health, and spirituality.

woman in fall setting with her arms open wide and a big smile

When Kelly discovered kundalini yoga, it quickly illuminated her life from the inside out. Within 6 months, she quit her job, solo road-tripped through the mountains, completed a month-long yoga teacher training in the desert, and launched a soul-fulfilling business.

Since then, she has supported dozens of solopreneurs and small businesses with web design, writing, branding, and strategic marketing… and she is honored to share the yoga and meditation practice that unlocked her ability to live a deeply meaningful life.

Kelly believes there is wisdom to be found in every philosophy, discipline, and modality.

She shares kundalini yoga without dogma or rigidity so people can find their own relationship with the practice, allow it to fit into their belief system, and importantly, help them unearth clarity, focus, and momentum to live their own version of a deeply meaningful life.

Kelly is also passionate about living in harmony with nature and continually aligning with what it means to put life at the center of every decision.

She regularly teaches kundalini yoga classes at Soul Care.

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