Trudy Shaw sitting cross-legged on meditation cushion with hands folded

Trudy is a yoga instructor and life coach who helps people to create more balance in their lives and find more peace through mindfulness, calming practices, and coaching.

She encourages those she works with to find balance and bring them back to a more calm and centered space. Her passion is guiding people who are experiencing anxiety, trauma, depression, stress, and grief toward transformational change by focusing on mind, body, and spirit integration.

Before becoming a meditation teacher in the late 1990s, Trudy was a math and science teacher. As she transitioned fully into teaching mindfulness to others, her understanding of quantum physics helped her to find a balance between the two. 

Some of Trudy’s services include meditation, yoga, taichi, reiki, and life coaching. She believes in her work and confidently helps everyone she can because she has seen her practices work in her own life. As she began her journey into mindfulness, she also studied the science behind healing modalities like meditation, breathwork, and yoga and why they work so well for others. 

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Her teaching is influenced by Coaching, Somatic Techniques, Reiki, Tai Chi, the Warriors at Ease program for Veterans, Vedic teachings, Astrology, and Ayurveda.

Trudy enjoys connecting with others and meeting people where they are. Practicing and teaching are what bring her the most joy right now. 

She regularly teaches an online introduction to meditation series and other workshops through Soul Care. She offers additional services and classes through In Balance Life. Connect with her and see a list of offerings on her website.

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