What can your astrology chart tell you about romance?

enlarged portion of astrology chart, what your astrology chart can tell you about love and romance

February is the month when many of us turn our thoughts to romance and love relationships.

Just like other areas of our lives, reading your astrological birth record (or natal chart) can give us important insights into our love life, our partnerships, and patterns in relationships.

Charting romance

To understand your love life better, you can begin by looking at a few key areas on the chart:

  • Your Venus sign
  • Your Mars sign
  • The ruler of the 7th house
  • The ruler of the 5th house

This is just a starting point.

We are hosting a special evening with Sarah Stargazer on February 10. She'll guide you through writing your own chart based on your birth time, date, and place. Then help you interpret what the chart has to tell you about romance and love.

See It In Action

Sarah Stargazer sat down with local holistic healer and life coach Tina Whobrey for a two-minute chat about romance & astrology based on her chart.

STARGAZER: Tina, let’s have a quick look at Venus, Mars, the Fifth House, and the Seventh House in your natal chart for information about how you do relationships, and how the Universe delivers love into your life.

During a full personal chart reading, I go much more in-depth (and for couples, we’d do a synastry chart), but right now, we’ll focus just on the basics.

So first, with your Moon in Libra, you tend to value and prioritize harmony in relationships, using tact, diplomacy, and really listening to the other person’s perspective. Others usually see Moon in Libra people as rather charming creatures.

Would that describe you?

TINA: Yeah! That’s pretty cool.

STARGAZER: Another key feature with Moon in Libra is that the institution of marriage, or partnership, is typically an important focus. That doesn’t mean every Moon in Libra has a fairy-tale marriage, but they want the partnership to be a fair and safe place, and even if there’s a parting of ways, these folks bend over backward to avoid bitterness, acrimonious relationship endings.

TINA: I agree.

STARGAZER: Next, your Venus in Leo makes you extremely generous and warm-hearted in relationships, where you tend to shower your loved ones with affection, praise, gifts.

However, your Sun in cooler Virgo tussles with that abundant Leo warmth, meaning you sometimes experience a sense of contradiction, some inner tension, because extrovert Leo energy wants to openly display its heart right on its sleeve, whilst introvert Virgo energy is naturally more withdrawn, more humble.

Does that make sense?

TINA: Yes. I can see that.

STARGAZER: Next, your Mars in Scorpio tells us that the masculine energy brought by significant partners and love interests embodies Scorpio qualities – thus, highly attuned to emotions, deeply sensitive (even psychic), passionate soul mate energy.

Your Fifth House of romance is governed by Sagittarius and contains Neptune, and so, the type of persons that you would date (but not necessarily marry), are more often than not free spirits, sensitive dreamy souls, artistic, philosophical, mystically-inclined, not the kind to be bound down by societal obligations – and with Neptune here, we again have a soul mate feeling.

Moving to your Seventh House, the house of marriage and long-term commitments, we find a past life footprint, with your South Node there, further emphasizing karmic commitments. If the philosophy of reincarnation resonates with you, you may feel as if you’ve had past life experiences with the person(s) with whom you’re seriously involved in this life, and that you chose to come back together now.

With Aquarius ruling your Seventh House, themes that come into play with regard to marriage and committed partners include innovation, science, futuristic visions, and humanitarian reforms. You could be married to an inventor. It also means that the structure of your marriage could be highly unconventional, could break norms. An Aquarius marriage is typically as unorthodox as it can be.

TINA: Wow.

STARGAZER: Does that resonate for you?

TINA: Oh my god. All of it. I’m just blown away.

I definitely have a strong opinion about marriage, and mine is unconventional.

Everything you said about soul mates, and about my Seventh House is exactly what is going on. I really believe that marriage should not be restricted by law. My vision is to break apart the idea of marriage as a legalized institution and replace it with life partnerships.

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Sarah Stargazer is a Soul Care Partner who has studied astrology for more than 25 years and has read hundreds of charts. She provides a variety of astrological services from individualized chart analyses to group learning seminars. Her readings offer in-depth personality portraits, identify spiritual and material themes and patterns, and help provide motivation, information, and direction for meeting your life's challenges and successes.


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