Kelly Skinner

woman in glasses holding a pottery vessel

Meet Eileen Gebbie

Through spiritual direction, creating rituals, forest therapy, and teaching educational classes, Eileen comes alongside others to build meaning, find direction, lament and rejoice, and learn the language of the more-than-human world.

walking path in trees, walking meditation

Nature Walking Meditation

Experience a walking meditation in nature no matter the season of the year. Use this guided practice to slow down and notice your inner and outer world. Take time to be radically present with your surroundings, noticing that God is present in every step.

Woman with grey hair and glasses smiling, with brightly colored clothes

Meet Debra Joy Hart

Leaning into her experience as a nurse, clown, and minister, Deb uses grace and humor to support people. She is a spiritual grief coach, does energy/aura art readings, is a wedding officiant, and is a national speaker. She helps people navigate the tension between joy and sadness that shows up in all parts of their lives.

hand holding palm leaf on blue background, palm sunday: parade or protest

Palm Sunday: Parade or Protest

Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey was actually a subversive act — much more a protest than a parade, a party, or an impromptu worship service. A call for revolution against the systems and institutions that stay in power through unjust practices and economic policies. Palm Sunday commemorates one of the most politically explosive acts of Jesus’ ministry, an act that calls for a revolutionary nonviolent disruption of systems of oppression. It might be appropriate to say it’s the most political Sunday of the year.

Teal background with headshot of Heaven Sent Stars astrology for the soul headshot in black and white

Meet Heaven Sent Stars

Heaven Sent Stars’ astrology chart readings reveal in-depth personality portraits, identify themes and patterns, and provide guidance for navigating life’s challenges and triumphs.

woman seated crossleg outside with hands in the air in yoga posture Soul Care Partner Member Kelly Mathews

Meet Kelly Mathews

In sharing kundalini yoga, she hopes to inspire people to find their own relationship with the practice, allow it to fit into their belief system, and unearth the clarity, focus, and momentum they need to live a deeply meaningful life.

Trudy Shaw sitting cross-legged on meditation cushion with hands folded

Meet Trudy from In Balance Life

Trudy offers classes and workshops focused on deep restoration and whole-body wellness. She guides those experiencing anxiety, trauma, depression, stress, and grief towards transformational change thru the integration of mind, body, and spirit.

prairie night sky in the winter at dusk

Winter Solstice & Longest Night

The longest night of the year, the winter solstice, is a way to acknowledge the darkness of loss while holding onto the light of hope for the future. No matter how you mark this occasion, you are a part of a long lineage of people all over the world who have celebrated at this same exact time. This is a perfect time for rest and reflection, introspection, and intention setting.

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