Taking a Pause

What if instead of trying to do something more, how about taking a pause and doing less? Simple tips on how to adapt a different mindset for taking a pause, being present to yourself, and connecting with the Divine. You're invited to pause and be still so you can hear the small quiet voice of your soul.
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Make a choice to come from a place of love

You can choose to come from a place of love when you respond to any life situation or circumstance. Use ground and center technique to connect with love.
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Do I really need to love my enemies?

Love of enemies—the hardest and most difficult part Jesus’s teachings. Hate tears down our enemies, our world, and our souls, but love builds up. Only love can build a beloved community. Only love can bring shalom.
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The Divine Feminine shines a new meaning on faith

Leaning into the wisdom of the Divine Feminine and the qualities she brings shines a new light to illuminate and reimagine what Faith can mean for each of us.
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She Is Blooming: Poem For The Inner Feminine

A poem and meditation to awaken an awareness of the Divine Feminine in each of us.
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self-care for caregivers

Self-Care for Caregivers

Simple strategies for dementia and elderly caregivers that can help you prioritize self-care during the holidays and months ahead.
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