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Palm Sunday: Parade or Protest

Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey was actually a subversive act — much more a protest than a parade, a party, or an impromptu worship service. A call for revolution against the systems and institutions that stay in power through unjust practices and economic policies. Palm Sunday commemorates one of the most politically explosive acts of Jesus’ ministry, an act that calls for a revolutionary nonviolent disruption of systems of oppression. It might be appropriate to say it’s the most political Sunday of the year.

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Five Must-Read Books on Liberation Theology

Liberation theology examines the core concerns of marginalized communities in need of social, political, or economic equality and justice. These five books provide a grounding in the Black and Latin American roots of the intellectual movement and how it has expanded for other groups experiencing oppression.

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Religion and Spirituality

There’s a growing trend of people identifying as spiritual but not religious. But both religion and spirituality are parts of being in relationship with God. Neither can be fully realized without the other.

Provoke Wholeness - silouette of person standing with arms outstretched surrounded by rays of light with positive words

Provoke Wholeness

Provoke means to call into action and wholeness is a state of being. Sometimes we need to be lovingly provoked to remember that we are whole—already.

Do I really need to love my enemies?

Love of enemies—the hardest and most difficult part Jesus’s teachings. Hate tears down our enemies, our world, and our souls, but love builds up. Only love can build a beloved community. Only love can bring shalom.