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Look for the Good Things with Christel Wendelberger

The Mindful Gratitude author explains how to cultivate a thankfulness mindset. She encourages us to express gratitude every day, not just to ourselves but also to our loved ones. Even when life is not going so great, she stresses how important it is to pause and look for the good things all around us.
Picture of Dan Frachey sitting and listening intently

Sacred Stories and Holy Listening with Dan Frachey

To many people, the experience of being listened to is so close to the experience of being loved that most people can't tell the difference. This quote sums up Dan's mission to use listening as a tool for honoring legacy, sharing love, and leading transformational change for individuals, the community, and the church itself.
headhsot of Kelly Skinner, Celebrating a milestone

Celebrating A Milestone with Kelly Skinner

For this milestone episode, my beloved cousin Nicole offered to turn the tables and interview me. We talked about midlife and feeling stuck, overcoming a negative mindset, what inspired Soul Care, purpose, curiosity, and so many other things.
picture of Kate Kelts smiling

Aligning Faith and Actions with Kate Kelts

Critically examining our beliefs or questioning the actions of the church doesn’t mean moving totally away from our faith. Kate is open and vulnerable about how her beliefs have shifted to include affirming love for all people. Although her journey has been challenging and sometimes lonely, she still identifies as a Christian because the story of Jesus never fails to capture her heart and imagination.
stylized photo of Maryam Qadri

Sufi Mysticism with Maryam Qadri

For Maryam, Islamic Sufi mysticism provides a way to integrate beliefs from the different faith traditions she's practiced throughout her life. Sufi teachings and practices all her to connect with the God of all things in a holistic and inclusive way.

Listening to God’s Invitation with Feli Sebastian

Contemplative prayer is one method that Feli uses to listen to God's sacred invitations through the labyrinth of her life. It's allowed her to listen better to other people and be more compassionate. She's been led to support women through collaborative community efforts.
REv. Terrance Thomas Image of late 40 year old black man, shaved head, goatee, glasses, grey sweater over a pink button down shirt, smiling

Blending Liberation Theology and Humanism with Terrance Thomas

What we need right now in both the church and the community are people dedicated to speaking truth to power and willing to take action. Rev. Thomas shares about liberation theology, the challenges of being an activist pastor, and how joy can be an act of resistance.
woman in wooded area with headband and blue dryfit

Neo-pagan Spirituality, Polytheism, and Inclusion with Ashley Price

Pagan spirituality encompasses many gods and goddesses, diverse beliefs, and practices. Prairie Sky ADF Grove and its senior druid Ashley incorporate inclusion and consent so that all feel welcomed.
Reverand Melissa Keeble headshot smiling

Hospitality as a Spiritual Practice with Melissa Keeble

True hospitality is love in action. The turquoise table in Melissa's yard is a living metaphor for the community and pastoral care work she does. She holds space by witnessing people's experiences, listening to their stories, and inviting both giving and receiving.

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