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closeup picture of Lorraine Kim white female smiling We Are The Church

We Are The Church with Lorraine Kim

Sometimes we change the world by staying and working within, and sometimes we choose to walk away. Lorraine explores the tensions inherent in social justice work and participating in institutions like the church that cause discomfort, alienation, and sometimes pain.
Black woman holding up glasses to the corner of her mouth looking right out of the corner of her eye

Understanding Your Worth and Beauty with Valena Claiborne

This lady is embracing a perfectly imperfect life balancing parenting, being a wife, and working full-time in a ministry role. She's making it work with God's grace.
Megan Murphy - Backyard Beauty Flower Farm,Woman in a blue shirt holding a pot of orange and purple flowers,

Living Intentionally with Megan Murphy

Flower farmer and Backyard Beauty owner Megan on the power of individuals to live their most desired life through the connecting to intuition, intentionally caring for body, mind & spirit, and the support of plant essences.
Ms. Penny Cost drag queer with red hair, red glasses, hands folded in prayer, doing online worship

Church Can Be A Drag with Isaac Simmons

Isaac has answered a call to ordained ministry with Hope United Methodist Church. His creative expression of spirituality through drag is life-changing and life-saving work, bringing a joy-filled reclamation of God's Love for and with Queer folks.
Karen Simms Trauma & Resilience Initiative

Getting Sick And Getting Well In Community with Karen Simms

With a heart for community advocacy rooted in faith, Karen believes in putting hope into practice by teaching trauma-informed care and creating restorative and authentic communities.
Vern Fein, Author of Radical Faith from the sixtiesa counterculture to jesus

Ripples of the Jesus Movement with Vern Fein

Although it’s been more than 50 years since the Jesus Movement of the 1970s, there are ripples of similar values and desires in progressive Christian circles today. Vern shares thoughts on what’s happening in Christianity and where things could head in the next 50 years.
selfie of Debra Joy Hart, she has white short hair with a pink streak, round glasses, and a big smile

Humor, Grace & Grief with Debra Joy Hart

Leaning into her experience as a nurse, clown, and minister, Debra talks about using grace and humor to navigate the tension between joy and sadness that shows up in all parts of our lives.
Selfie of Pastor David Ashby studying the Bible as a pastor and chaplain

What Makes a Chaplain with David Ashby

The son of Champaign's former fire chief, David knows how heavy the job can be on the hearts & minds of both police and firefighters. He develops relationships and trust, so they are more open to receiving personal and spiritual support during challenging times.
Rabbi Alan Cook, Jewish Reform from Sinai Temple, standing in front of shelves of books

Rabbi Alan Cook: Connections, Community and Collaborations

Sharing more about the Reformed Jewish faith, building interfaith relationships, and addressing what goes on in our world with mindfulness, gratitude, and deliberation.

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