Soul Gifts for rest and renewal

Give the gift of experience. Soul Gift cards provide time and sacred space to get away for deep soul rest, refreshment, and deepening intimacy with self and the Creator.

Choose time in a Quiet Pod for calm space to be alone, a personalized day retreat in our serene setting, a guided solitude and silent retreat in your own home or other quiet place, or deep soul companionship and listening through the ancient practice of spiritual direction. You can also get a gift card in any amount for services, workshops, classes, or products offered at Soul Care.

Curated retreats for a group at Soul Care or another location may also be arranged on request.

Soul Gifts are a unique and personal idea for parents, care givers, teachers, nurses, ministers, and other helpers who are feeling a little burned out.

Purchase online (below) or visit Soul Care to buy in person.

GIft time in a quiet pod

Enjoy a serene, distraction-free space where you can just take a breath and be still. Quiet Pods are $10/hour and are a great spot to read, pray, journal, meditate, be creative, or even nap. Or upgrade and get 2 hours in a Quiet Pod with an aromatherapy footbath for just $29.

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gift a guided quiet day at home

This quiet day takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in your home or other quiet space. Gentle, inviting guidance through reading, contemplation, journaling, and hands-on experiences is curated and emailed to you. Includes time on Zoom or phone with a spiritual director. $69 per person

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Gift a personal retreat

Individual self-directed retreats at Soul Care last six hours with light lunch included. Participants get a customized packet of materials with instructions and activities to do the retreat at their own pace. The day begins and ends with guided listening. $69 for one person and $129 for two.

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Gift deep, guided listening

Spiritual direction is a form of relational soul care that can help in noticing the presence, work, and invitations of the Divine in our everyday lives. Sessions last one hour and can take place at Soul Care, on the phone, or through video call. Cost is $65 per session.

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Use the tab to select a printed or emailed certificate for a Soul Gift or general gift card. Choose the amount and add to cart. Proceed to checkout to add your information and pay for the gift card when you are ready.


Come into Soul Care in-person to purchase a gift card for a Soul Gift or in any amount. Our location is:

507 S. Broadway
Second Floor
Urbana, IL 61801

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