Join us every other Saturday as Kelly shares kundalini yoga as a method for experiencing your Self. The practice is meant to awaken your life-force energy and unearth clarity, focus, and momentum for living a soul-aligned life. Using the tools of breath, postures, mantra, meditation, and rest—we produce beneficial physiological and psychological effects.
✨Each class is designed to support multiple body systems (nervous, immune, lymphatic, digestive, endocrine, etc.) in detoxification, moving stagnant energy, achieving homeostasis, and avoiding dis-ease.
✨These classes will focus on the nervous system, specifically parasympathetic responses to better manage stress and support the immune system. In doing so, we free up energy in the body to direct into what’s most important to you. 
✨The best part about kundalini yoga? It’s not about the practice, It’s about you experiencing YOU. There’s no need to have specific beliefs or prior knowledge. It’s meant to connect you with the essence of who you are and deconstruct limited perceptions and identities you hold of yourself (and others) that stand in the way.
The series runs from January to the end of April, every other Saturday afternoon at Soul Care!
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Kelly Mathews
"When I discovered kundalini yoga, it quickly illuminated my life from the inside out. Within 6 months, I quit my job, solo road-tripped through the mountains, completed a month-long yoga teacher training in the desert, and launched a soul-fulfilling business.
Since then I have supported dozens of solopreneurs and small businesses with web design, writing, and strategic marketing. My yoga practice continually develops my own inner foundation and serves as the template for creating a strong foundation for my clients’ businesses to thrive as well."