Partnerships play an important part in the model and mission of Soul Care. Our focus on partnerships makes us unique.

Soul Care provides a platform for Partners to share new ideas, new perspectives, and new practices to help our visitors approach spiritual wellness and self-care with fresh eyes.

We’ve gathered talented people who are passionate about wellness, spirituality and religion, personal development, and holistic practices.

Together, we hold space for a collective approach to sharing services and educational programming. We are co-creating a spectrum of learning opportunities and experiences with a diverse group of instructors and educators, artists, healing arts practitioners, and creatives.

Meet Our Partners

Bridget McGill
Bridget McGill

Companionship on your spiritual journey

I am passionate about walking with people through the spiritual encounters of life, finding where the intersections and themes of God’s presence show up, and pushing through the obstacles toward greater freedom in spirit.

As an Irish immigrant who grew up in the Catholic tradition, I am grounded in and inspired by Celtic spirituality, contemporary and ancient mystics, and feminine spiritual leaders. 

I am a certified Spiritual Director through the Chiara Center in Springfield, IL.

St. Brigid's Well 
Individual & Group Spiritual Direction


Debra Joy
Debra Joy Hart, RN

Hope, Healing, and Humor Energy Art Readings, Spiritual Grief Coaching, Wedding Officiant

I love educating about the science of humor and laughter and its health benefits. What I love most is to engage people, hear them laugh, see them smile, and come to realize their own inner strengths.

My years of experience as a registered nurse in inpatient, rehab, and hospice settings, a teacher, a clown, a minister, and a published humorist have helped shape the way I see and contribute to the world. My mission is to create peace for our inner and outer world—one gentle “HA” at a time!

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Eileen Gebbie
Eileen Gebbie

Finding Wisdom in the wilderness Individual and Group Spiritual Direction, Forest Therapy, Ritual Creation, Wedding Officiant

I'm Rev. Eileen Gebbie, MA, MDiv. I'm a queer, white, anti-racist Christian priest working outside of institutional religion and within whatever streams of faith and doubt people may share with me.

Through spiritual direction/companionship, life stage/threshold rituals, forest therapy, class, or all four, I come alongside others to build meaning, find direction, lament and rejoice and learn the language of the more-than-human world.

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Emily Renee
Emily Renee

Holistic Health & Life Coaching

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker.

I am passionate about teaching others the importance of Self-Care and how to develop habits that support living a healthy lifestyle.

My mission is to become the best version of myself and inspire others to do the same.

Emily Rene White
Coaching, Massage Therapy


Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy

Hold Sacred Space To Heal and Flourish

All of my projects align around the themes of healing and flourishing, for the community and for the individual. I believe we can all live our best lives as we learn to master the art of inner balancing - that is the journey!

In times of stress and difficulty, one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is time to reset our nervous system and get in touch with our inner guru, our soul, which is always accessible and waiting to guide and heal us in meditation.

Song Of Life Healing
Sound Therapy, Shamanic Healing, and Coaching


Heaven Sent Stars

Astrology for the Soul Personalized Chart Readings (Natal, Compatibility/Synastry, Soul Path)

Astrology is not fortune-telling. Rather, it is an ancient science and art hybrid. I've studied astrology for more than a quarter of a century on my own and with master teachers and have experience reading many hundreds of charts.

I provide a variety of astrological services from individualized chart analyses to group learning seminars. My readings offer in-depth personality portraits, identify spiritual and material themes and patterns, and help provide motivation, information, and direction for meeting your life's challenges and successes.

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Helen Whatley, LMT, CZB
Helen Whatley, LMT, CZB

Ease tension and pain, find calm and balance

My love of learning and of massage, bodywork, and energy work means that I average more than 100 hours of continuing education courses each year. I enjoy incorporating all of that knowledge into sessions with my clients.

At every step, I work with you because true healing can only happen when you are part of the process. I help your body find its ease, and I don't force it to do anything. I cooperate with you in your healing journey and understand that it is only by working with you that I can help you achieve your goals.

Cooperative Healing
Massage Therapy, ZeroBalancing, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy (in-person and virtual)


Jason Fisher
Jason Fisher

Processing Emotions Through Spiritual Direction & Listening

Opening ourselves to play allows for a more holistic spiritual journey filled with joy which then blesses others. Over the last 20 years I've met with parishioners and community members struggling with divorce, career changes, family trauma, anxiety, and just curiosity about faith and spiritual practices.

In all these situations I offer a listening ear as we discern together where the Spirit is in each of those moments and where it might be leading.

Process of Illumination
Spiritual Direction & A Listening Ear for Teens, Children, & Families


Jennifer Nelson, PhD
Jennifer Nelson, PhD

Calming the chaos of life through gardening

Gardening is so much more than growing pretty plants, tasty things to eat, or a source of great physical activity. I’ve found a lot of peace, contentment, and sanity in an increasingly crazy world thanks to my garden.

My blog provides useful answers to your gardening questions amid a sea of “experts” on the internet. But my hope is also that you see your garden as a source of peace, calm, and serenity in our non-stop modern world.

Gardening and plant care doesn’t have to be a chore. Rather, it can help you tend yourself, and you can nurture your heart and soul as well as your plants.

Grounded and Growing
Blogging about cultivating plants, calming your mind, and renewing your busy soul

Kelly Mathews
Kelly Mathews

You Experiencing You Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Instructor

When I discovered kundalini yoga, it quickly illuminated my life from the inside out. Within 6 months, I quit my job, solo road-tripped through the mountains, completed a month-long yoga teacher training in the desert, and launched RESONANCE, my marketing and web design business. I watched my chronic digestive issues, anxiety, and fragile sense of self transform into vitality, clarity, and purpose.

I share yoga & meditation to help people connect with the essence of who they are — and unearth the clarity, focus, and momentum they need to also live a deeply meaningful life.

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Korie Campbell-Stanley
Korie Campbell-Stanley

Connect and align with your sacred self

I work with people seeking to make space for their sacred selves and experience the energy of loving themselves fully.

I believe that each of us is sacred: that everything human is divine and that we are all One with the Divine, Great Mystery, God, or whatever name resonates with you at this point in your journey.

I love helping people connect and align with this sacredness so they can cultivate, create, and enjoy a life overflowing with Love.

Spiritual Health and Life Coach, Developing Personal Rituals and Retreats

Nick and Hannah Brzozowski
Nick and Hannah Brzozowski

A New Way To Experience God

We believe nobody should be scared to go to church. At Anchor, relationships outshine rules and openness outshines opposition.

We know that a lot of people are spiritual but not religious. They have been hurt by organized religion, especially churches. So, we offer a new way to experience God. Our church is focused on building an open community with weekly groups and monthly services. When people get involved, they have a group of friends helping them take steps in their spiritual journey.

Anchor Church
Monthly Church Services, Weekly Groups, Premarital Counseling


Sarah Mohr
Sarah Mohr

Let's create more together

After six years of being a high school teacher, I started a personal concierge business. In the process of becoming a business owner, I discovered the world of Klemmer personal growth work which helped me gain more purpose, joy, and confidence. I love getting to share the power of these personal growth tools with my coaching clients, and walking along side them as they grow!

Having a coach can help you gain perspective, have accountability, move forward, and get more of what you want out of life. Let's work together!

Mohr U Coaching
Personal and Team Coaching, Joy Club


Susan Northrup
Susan Northrup

Confidently create the joyous life you want

My purpose in life is to create and inspire joy. I find the humor easily in just about any situation and have been told my joy is infectious.

I support others in finding the joy of stepping into their greatness and creating whatever they want. 

There is power in confidently knowing who you are. Achieving your goals can be fun and joyful, or it can be hard and miserable. There is always a choice. It can be as simple as making that choice over and over again as needed. 

Choose Into Joy 
Customized Coaching


Trudy Shea
Trudy Shea

For Your Soul, Mind, and Body Yoga, Meditation & Tai Chi Instructor, Reiki, Life Coaching, and Vedic Astrology

My passion is guiding and supporting you as you walk the journey yet to be explored toward a transformational experience. 

If you are distracted by stress, anxiety, depression, the impacts of trauma, or grief and loss, you might find a calming and centering experience in one of the practices I offer.  Regardless of your life path, calm and centered gives us clarity to discern and decide our best direction.

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We are looking for more Partners to serve in these roles: massage therapist; reiki or energy practitioner; life or health coaches; holistic medicine; spiritual directors; art, writing, journaling, or creativity enthusiasts; and prayer or retreat leaders.

Promote your business, be part of a supportive community, and make connections. Host classes or workshops or rent space to work.

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