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centering prayer, silence teaches us who we are

Silence Teaches Us Who We Are with Rich Lewis

Unpack the simple practice of centering prayer, which transformed Rich’s life when he started in 2014. Through sitting in stillness, he’s learned how to better connect with his true self. And rest in the pure presence of God without any obstacles. Rich shares what he’s learned to support others in creating a sustainable practice.

headshot of older blond female with glasses

On Being a Catholic Woman Priest with Mary Keldermans

In 2014, Mary was ordained a Roman Catholic Womenpriest. She founded the Holy Family Inclusive Catholic Community in Springfield, IL for folks who love their Catholic faith, but not the man-made institution. All are welcome, and Mary guides them in new ways to pray to God that are nourishing and life-giving.

Breathwork for healing and peace, man with a beard smiling, hand raised to hit a small gong he holds in this other hand

Breathwork for healing and peace with Hunter LaFave

At age 30, Hunter LaFave was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. Hunter healed his body and mind through breathwork, yoga, and meditation. He teaches us what he has learned about holistic wellness, managing his mindset, and other tools he’s used for living more authentically.

white woman with glasses in coat and knit hat, connecting to creation and rewilding yourself

Connecting to Creation and Rewilding Yourself with Eileen Gebbie

Intimately connecting with the natural world can rewire our souls and bodies, teach us about the nature of God, and show a new path to liberation for all. Eileen brings her life experiences as a gay woman, a justice advocate, and an ordained UCC pastor to her new ministry of accompanying others to listen, learn, and heal in the wild.

Woman in hat with her arms stretched wide, creating a more regenerative life with Kelly Mathews

Creating a more regenerative life with Kelly Mathews

Being regenerative is putting life at the center of every action and decision. Kelly changed her life by connecting deeply with her body’s innate ability to regenerate. She discovered the more subtle aspects of healing, particularly around food, emotions, and the nervous system. Then she began leaning into new ways to connect and live more harmoniously with the natural world.

coptic orthodox priest holding up a religious symbol

An ancient faith in the modern world with Fr. Mina Beshara

After moving to the US from Egypt, Fr. Mina received a call to the priesthood later in life. And now he leads the Coptic Orthodox Christian community in east-central Illinois. Learn more about the Coptic church as Fr. Mina shares some of the rich traditions and inspirational saints.

hispanic woman and black woman holding laptop computers, making friends in adulthood

Making Friends in Adulthood

Developing a deep friendship as an adult is both possible and rewarding. Listen as podcast co-hosts Denise Renee and Mariana share the secrets of their friendship, and how they integrate faith into relationships, work, and everyday life.

Bridging Health Care and Community Care, headshot of Gregory Scott from Carle Faith Community Health

Bridging Healthcare and Community Care with Gregory Scott

With more than 35 years of nursing experience, Gregory has a pretty good sense of what healthcare looks like. But he’s engaged in an initiative to move healthcare outside the walls of the system. He shares a passion for working with individuals across the community to identify strategies to live the healthiest life possible.

Look for the Good Things with Christel Wendelberger

The Mindful Gratitude author explains how to cultivate a thankfulness mindset. She encourages us to express gratitude every day, not just to ourselves but also to our loved ones. Even when life is not going so great, she stresses how important it is to pause and look for the good things all around us.

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