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Hunter opens up about his cancer survival story and how he healed his body and mind through breathwork, yoga, and meditation. He teaches us what he has learned about holistic wellness and the tools he’s used to living more authentically. Hunter shares some of the breathwork
techniques, and most importantly the mindset, that has allowed him to not only get through his darkest times but to thrive through them.   


Meet Hunter

At age 30, Hunter LaFave was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. He completed 40 rounds of chemotherapy, 28 sessions of radiation and went through at least seven surgeries, including emergency heart surgery and one to repair a prolapsed ostomy.

Throughout his cancer journey, he engaged in a search for the lifestyle, diet, mental health, and emotional support tools that would help him heal. Feeling lost, afraid, alone, and at times hopeless, he knew there must be another way than the limited options he was being offered. Hunter believed that with the power of his own mind, alternative therapies, movement, and a variety of mind-body practices, he could beat cancer.

The path to recovery led him to travel to a yoga and meditation retreat in Thailand. There he met others and started teaching breathwork techniques.  His passion for serving others with community building and the outdoors led him to start Breath of Fresh Air mindfulness adventure retreats around the world.

He also started a website called It’s In Your Head, to help others struggling with a diagnosis, treatment, depression, and other challenges emotionally, mentally, and physically.

After being stuck overseas during the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Hunter moved back to his hometown of Danville. He teaches breathwork and supports others to gain control of their health and inner peace.

Facebook: @SoIsEverything217
Instagram: @its_in_your_head
Email: hunter@itsinyourhead.com

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