Mindful Gratitude is the practice of looking up close at our sometimes messy, imperfect, busy, burdened, ordinary lives. We’re trying to see with fresh eyes the beauty, texture, depth, and color of our individual landscapes. It’s the art of seeking out, noticing, and, most importantly, deeply appreciating the special meaning and enchantment that pervades our daily lives.

 In this episode, author and speaker Christel Wendelberger explains how to cultivate a thankfulness mindset. She encourages us to express gratitude every day, not just to ourselves but also to our loved ones. She emphasizes the importance of pausing to appreciate the good things in life.

Listen in as we chat about appreciating the little things. Learn a few quick tips on how to practice gratitude consistently and notice life’s beauty.

Meet Christel

Christel B. Wendelberger is the Lead Coach and Chief Gratitude Officer of Mindful Gratitude LLC. She’s also a writer and communications consultant living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

She is the author of Mindful Gratitude: Practicing the Art of Appreciation, a collection of personal essays that share stories of finding magic in the mundane, celebration in loss, and a deep appreciation for all that is.

Christel has a guiding faith in the essential goodness and infinite potential of every individual to play a transformational role in his or her own inner life, family, community, and the world. Her work reflects a deep belief that within every individual and organization there exists a treasure trove of ideas that when deeply explored and clearly articulated represent the seeds of human progress.

She’s married to her best friend and is the mother of three miraculous children whose sheer existence is a source of endless gratitude.


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1 thought on “Look for the Good Things with Christel Wendelberger”

  1. I love what Christel has to say. She brilliantly explains some of the most simple, yet powerful ways to increase your own wellbeing, those around you, and therefore, the world.
    Sarah Hammond

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