Church Can Be A Drag with Isaac Simmons

Ms. Penny Cost drag queer with red hair, red glasses, hands folded in prayer, doing online worship

Today’s episode is a beautiful reminder that God is for all of us. Our guest Isaac Simmons, also known as Ms. Penny Cost, shares his witness of Divine love and grace. We can share in God’s creation as we realize and affirm our true, authentic identity. 

We talk about answering a call to the vocation of ministry—and what that means to someone who doesn’t “fit the mold” of what an ordained person should look like.  Isaac shares his passion for storytelling, performance, and Divine co-creation. And how he’s used these gifts for life-changing and life-saving work. He’s stepping up and teaching us how to increase our capacity to love those who may have a different outlook on the world. 

Meet Isaac

Isaac Simmons is a twenty-three-year-old senior student studying theology at Illinois Wesleyan. He’s also a congregant and staff member at the progressive and affirming Hope United Methodist Church in Bloomington, IL. 

When Isaac announced his calling to Ordained Ministry, his home church community celebrated and encouraged his discernment. Isaac Simmons became the first openly Queer person to be certified as a Candidate for Ordained ministry within the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the UMC, and reportedly, the first Drag Queen to receive that title in the world.

His drag performance as Ms. Penny Cost is rooted in the joy-filled reclamation of spirituality for and with Queer folks. His mission (and hers too) is to break down the false duality which, for too long, has stated that Queerness and Faith can not be combined. 

He is here to say that YOU, right here and right now, are enough. There is nothing that you will ever have to do to experience the Love, Affirmation, and Celebration which freely flows from the Divine.

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2 thoughts on “Church Can Be A Drag with Isaac Simmons”

  1. This was an amazing session, and there were so many soul-affirming and beautiful tidbits in this. Many best wishes to Isaac Simmons, Ms. Penny Cost, and everyone at Soul Care.

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