Bridging Health Care and Community Care, headshot of Gregory Scott from Carle Faith Community Health

We welcome Gregory Scott, RN to talk about bringing health care, community care, and wellness advocacy to members of church communities across east central Illinois. Tune in to learn about how volunteer nurses are rebuilding trust.

The Faith Community Health program is working to move healthcare outside the walls of the health system. They are building bridges between the health system and faith communities to identify health and wellness needs and learn how to work together in improving individual health.

Meet Gregory

Gregory Scott is the Program Manager for Carle’s Faith Community Health department, part of Community Health Initiatives.

He’s a Registered Nurse, Paramedic, Prehospital RN, Trauma Nurse Specialist, and a Faith Community Nurse. Greg has been in healthcare for 35 years, but his personal spiritual journey has been his entire life. Both have combined to create a passion for working with individuals across the community to identify strategies to live the healthiest life possible.

Learn more about Faith Community Health.

Resources We Mention

  • To learn more about bringing healthcare and wellness resources to your faith community, call (217) 365-5495 or email FaithCommunityHealth@carle.com.

  • Conflict Resolution: How to Turn Elder-Staff Relations from Striving to Thriving by James Riley Estep, Jim Estep, Gary L. Johnson, David Roadcup
  • Canary in the Coal Mine: A Forgotten Rural Community, a Hidden Epidemic and a Lone Doctor Battling for the Life, Health and Soul of the People by Dr. William Cooke

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