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Megan Murphy is a flower farmer and co-creative consultant. Her business, Backyard Beauty, celebrates the power of the individual to live their most desired life through the intentional use of body, mind, and spirit and with the support of plants. She’s honed a method of using flower essences to help people align with their highest self. 

She shares her journey of moving from Alaska with her husband and two children back to her centennial family farm in White Heath, Illinois. Next, she talks about the chapter she wrote about allowing your true self to flourish in the recently released book Empowered Self Care: Healing Body, Mind & Soul For a Better World

We then talk about what our emotional guidance system is. And how to treat the body and emotions as part of your overall “team” in living a good life.

Above all, Megan believes that every person has an intuitive superpower. And if it’s used, it can significantly support each individual in navigating their life journey. She explains the four different types of intuitive abilities that people can tap into.

Meet Megan

Megan Murphy is a scientist and naturalist who has recently discovered her own intuitive healing abilities. She uses these gifts to create flower essences, craft unique body and skincare products, and develop self-care practices for her own and others’ well-being. She offers services and wellness products through her business Backyard Beauty 

Megan has a master’s degree in biological oceanography and spent years in Alaska as an environmental educator, researcher, and science communicator. She then coordinated a community wellness coalition in Homer, Alaska. This gave her the opportunity to practice Collective Impact as a unifying process for addressing socially complex issues. After giving birth to her second child, she moved to her family farm in Illinois with her husband and kids. She now has more opportunities to listen to her intuitive gifts and authentically define and practice what wellness means to her.

Find Backyard Beauty on Facebook, Instagram, or email backyardbeautyil@gmail.com


  • We Are What We Eat: A Slow Food Manifesto by Alice Waters
  • Homeopath Edward Bach and flower essence remedies
  • Ester Hicks/Abraham-Hicks and The Law of Attraction
  • Backyard Beauty Flower Essence

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