A new kind of church for a new kind of world

Nick and Hannah with arms around each other. they each have an arm out towards the camera and are holding one side of a small brown square card that says "I helped launch Anchor Church"

Today’s episode
brings you not one, but two guests who work in tandem to make amazing things happen. 

What’s it like to try to start a new church during a pandemic? Anchor Church founders and pastors Nick and Hannah Brzozowski have somehow managed to build a beautiful and welcoming community even though in-person activities were limited in 2020 and 2021. 

They dreamed of coming to east-central Illinois to build their church and they decided on Champaign-Urbana. Sometimes we believe that God’s will for us will inevitably be the harder path, but Nick and Hannah’s story is an example that God’s will for us can also be beautiful, delightful, and our top choice as well!

Hannah talks about her journey coming into her own leadership abilities and how she is working to examine her conservative foundation and grow into a strong female pastor.

The Anchor Church community is built on service, thoughtful hospitality, and a belief that nobody should be scared to go to church. Relationships and openness supersede all else.


Nick and Hannah Brzozowski are pioneers, champions, and new pastors in our community. The two moved to Champaign-Urbana in October 2019 from Kenosha, WI to start Anchor, a non-denominational Christian church that is trying to do church in a different way.

Nick is the Lead Pastor at Anchor Church. He has a Master’s of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a Bachelor’s in Christian Ministry from Trinity International University. Throughout college, he worked at Youth For Christ reaching out to teens and developing leaders. He also worked as the Next Generation Pastor at Immanuel in Kenosha for four years. Nick enjoys reading as many books as he can, playing his Nintendo Switch, and watching the latest Marvel movies.

Hannah is the Operations Leader at Anchor Church. She has an Associate’s in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute. She’s led small groups of high school girls for years and is passionate about helping people connect to the church through hospitality. Prior to starting Anchor Church, Hannah worked as Operations Leader at Immanuel in Kenosha, WI for four years. Hannah enjoys taking pictures of her dog, Albert, drinking Starbucks, and keeping up to date with the latest Taylor Swift music.

Nick and Hannah strive to model humanness, imperfection, kindness, and true friendship as they bring people to faith in Jesus. They are an amazing team and force for good. 

Learn more about Anchor Church or follow them on Instagram (@anchorchurchil) or Facebook (@anchorchurchil) or YouTube. You can email Hannah at hannah@anchorchurchil.com or email Nick at nick@anchorchurchil.com. You can also shoot them a text anytime at (262) 945-5603.


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