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Lorraine Kim is a faithful connector of all people. She grew up in an inner-city neighborhood and church community. This influenced her spirituality, her views on race, and even her choice to go into social work. Her grandmother taught her that God never gives up on loving people, and neither should we.

She talks about how beautiful our stories are and how they make us who we are. In 2018, Lorraine began an LGBTQ+ ministry group for allies, family members, and queer parishioners at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Urbana, IL. She shares the message that we can find our identities and that we all can feel God’s love. 

Lorraine shares her thoughts and observations about the tension inherent in social justice work and participating in institutions such as the church that cause discomfort and sometimes pain. “Sometimes we change the world by staying and working within and sometimes we choose to walk away,” is a powerful quote from our conversation. 

Meet Lorraine

Lorraine Kim describes herself as someone who wears many different hats. Professionally, she’s a social worker who provides in-home counseling to homebound people through the Good Samaritan Program of Catholic Charities. She’s also a mom and a wife, and an active member of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. She’s a quilter and she also loves reading.

Learn more about the monthly contemplative discussion series at St. Patrick’s Church. It runs from October 2021 through May 2022 called Sharing Stories Around The Table: An Educational and Spiritual Series About Racism. It’s inspired by the 2018 US Catholic Bishops’ pastoral letter, “Open Wide Our Hearts: An Enduring Call to Love.”

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