What Makes a Chaplain with David Ashby

Selfie of Pastor David Ashby studying the Bible as a pastor and chaplain


Pastor David Ashby leads his congregation in faith. He also serves as a volunteer chaplain giving spiritual support to the first responders in Urbana and Champaign, IL.

Today you’ll hear him discuss his background and his worship practices. And the privilege to accompany the police officers and firefighters in our community when they encounter stress and emergencies.

When first responders have a relationship with God that can sustain them, they have someone with whom they can share their burdens. 

Meet David

David Ashby is the pastor of Trinity Community Fellowship in Farmer City and previously pastored in the Champaign-Urbana area for 20 years. The son of Champaign’s former fire chief, he spent lots of time with first responders and passed on that legacy to two of his sons. Now in his late sixties, the grandfather of nine serves as the chaplain of both Champaign and Urbana Fire Departments and the Urbana Police Department. He is one of four chaplains for the Champaign Police Department.

For David, being a chaplain is all about developing relationships. The nature of the work and training for police and firemen is extremely stressful and taxing on the heart and mind. By being present, Pastor David can develop trust. So when a need for support arises, he can be invited into the tender inner parts of the people he serves. And do what he can to provide personal and spiritual assistance.

Resources We Mention

  • A Bend in the Road: Finding God When Your World Caves in by Dr. David Jeremiah
  • Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back: Persevering Through Pressure by Charles R. Swindoll 

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