Get away from your normal routine

Sometimes you just need to getaway. Really away. Not to some exotic destination; not to do anything too active. Just someplace quiet where you can relax, get in touch with your spirit, and hear yourself think.

The Soul Care Urban Retreat Center provides a convenient and flexible space right by where you live and work for you to take that personal time to get in touch with your inner self and the Divine spirit.

Time at Soul Care can be spent alone or with a friend, or in a group; it can be structured or unstructured, depending on your needs and desires.

People come for all different reasons — to rest, plan, listen, reflect, or just BE.

Looking to gift a unique experience? Gift certificates are available for Quiet Pods and all retreats.



Need to rest and recharge? Looking for a unique space to spend time between appointments or over your lunch hour? Want to do something different than binge watch TV on your day off?

Spend some time in one of five Quiet Pods with a comfortable couch, small desk, and soft lighting in this serene, cell-phone free space. With no distractions, you can just take a breath and be still. Resources including music, books, journal prompts, and reflection activities are available for your use. 

Book your Quiet Pod for just $10/hour.


Personal Solitude Retreat

Individual self-directed retreats are available from 9 a.m.—3 p.m. with light lunch included. You will be given a packet of materials with instructions and activities to do the retreat at your own pace. Get your own Quiet Pod and use of the entire space.

When you come for a Solitude Retreat, it's your time to unplug, listen to the quiet voice within, and connect with the divine energy surrounding you.

Book a retreat for one person for $69 or two people for $129.

Kindred Soul Members at the Connect and Contribute levels can bring a friend to a Solitude Retreat for free.


Small Group Retreats

Themed, guided retreats for small groups up to 15 people are available from 9 a.m.—2 p.m. with light lunch included. Spend time away with your small group, friends, or colleagues for soul care and self-care.

These are great experiences for those who want a day to learn, reflect, and care for your soul. It’s easy to plan. Just find a group of people, determine a retreat theme or topic that sounds good, and choose a date that works for everyone.

Retreats are $69/person.



Created for you to completely relax, let go of worldly concerns, and give you space to listen to and connect more deeply with the Divine. Offered every Friday from 9—11 a.m*. The first 30 minutes are spent learning and the last 90 minutes is a time to individually experience the renewing aspects of silence and solitude. Each participant is assigned a private Quiet Pod.

Choose the practice to help you deepen your relationship with God:

  • Breath Prayer
  • Lectio Divina
  • Examen
  • Centering Prayer
  • Grounding Prayer Beads

Mini-Retreats are $35/person with a max of 5 people per week.

* Contact us to schedule a different day or time if Fridays don't work for you.



Reserve a two-hour foot bath in a private Quiet Pod to slow down, become quiet, and listen to your body. 

In many cultures soaking the feet is considered essential to a sense of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Our feet stabilize and ground us. Warm water with soothing aromatic oils adds fluidity and nurturance. Combined, they offer immediate stress relief and a deep mind-body connection.

Two-hour foot baths are $35. 



Quiet and welcoming environment for small groups, teams, and organizations to hold an off-site retreat. Distinctive spaces that accommodate groups from 5 to 35 or reserve the entire center for your retreat. Our staff can provide assistance in planning or facilitating your retreat, or lead experiences and activities to enhance your agenda.

Room rental rates start at $55 per hour.
Partner members receive a discount

Retreats are ways we pull back from the battle and rest…

In the presence of the holy One we enter into silence and solitude and rest in God. Resting gives us the energy it takes to build our relationship with God one on one.

When we are rested, we listen better.
When we are rested, we notice desires as well as lies buried in our souls.

— Adele Ahlberg Calhoun, The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook


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