spiritual direction

woman in glasses holding a pottery vessel

Meet Eileen Gebbie

Through spiritual direction, creating rituals, forest therapy, and teaching educational classes, Eileen comes alongside others to build meaning, find direction, lament and rejoice, and learn the language of the more-than-human world.

white woman with glasses in coat and knit hat, connecting to creation and rewilding yourself

Connecting to Creation and Rewilding Yourself with Eileen Gebbie

Intimately connecting with the natural world can rewire our souls and bodies, teach us about the nature of God, and show a new path to liberation for all. Eileen brings her life experiences as a gay woman, a justice advocate, and an ordained UCC pastor to her new ministry of accompanying others to listen, learn, and heal in the wild.

Picture of Dan Frachey sitting and listening intently

Sacred Stories and Holy Listening with Dan Frachey

To many people, the experience of being listened to is so close to the experience of being loved that most people can’t tell the difference. This quote sums up Dan’s mission to use listening as a tool for honoring legacy, sharing love, and leading transformational change for individuals, the community, and the church itself.